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About Us

The Company was established in early part of year 2011 by a group of Ex-Servicemen who are well qualified and experienced in the field of design and manufacture of Armourd Personnel Carrier models. Most of the staff have worked on the Armourd Personnel Carrier models. They are excellent craft’s men.

The Vision of the Company is to provide assistance in making Concept engineering models of Armourd Personnel Carrier models to Defence R&D Establishments, Police & Security Departments, Automobile giants and college students who are involved in design of Armourd Personnel Carrier models. These realistic prototype engineering models can be used for Model Analysis and develop futuristic Armourd Personnel Carrier models. Also these models can be used for War Gaming/Sand model discussions/Exercises in Army Training Institutions.

M/s Mech Engineering Design & Protostation can also undertake the manufacture of proto type models based on the drawings and photographs provided by the client.